I think you all already heard about our new boy band called THE GUMS. Now we are bringing you their latest video. It's another great work from THE GUMS!!! The bassist is Migaa and solo guitarist is Bajgaa... ENJOY AND WRITE COMMENTS!!!

It might be an "World war IV" the biological war . I hardly believe it of course. You may wonder how come it became the fourth .
The psyhotronic weapon war was called the former ww and now the fourth. So that news is about the EV71 virus and it's a disease that the same as *SARS*. But the more dangerous. Now at least 10 children died in Vietnam. Now in mongolia 4 children got sicked. Therefore, it infects not only child but also adults.
We have to save our offsprings but i don't understand what they are doing. The Child is our future . We all child. What a sorrowful thing.

It's just one side of the news . So that ............
(more about it)

What a wonderful day
Our grade 11G won the all medals of "The Mongolian math's 44 olimpiad" today. Our schools fame continues in Math at the top. It's a real pride and they are heroes . I'm very glad as if I got it. But there isn't difference between me and them of course. The main thing is only "WE".

  1. Temuge-28.5 points
  2. Myagmarjav -21 points
  3. Byambajav-15 points
  4. Oyundari -14.5 points
15. Munkh-Ochir-2.5 points
(prediction result)
TEMUGE is two times Mongolian math's champion.Let's congratulate him.
You'll see ten or fifteen years later "the mongolian president Temuge"(hehe just kidding)
But i hope he 'll do his best to Mongolia.

Yesterday 3rd of May was first day of "Mongolian Mathematics 44th Olympiad". So our Akuls(rich of math) did well . They all got top of the place- 1,2,3. Mongolian champion Temuge placed 1st with full 21 points, B.Myagmarjav held 2nd with 9 points, and Medalist from International Mathematics Olympiad N.Byambajav placed 3rd with 7 points. Therefore our Oyundari had 3 points , Munkh-Ochir had 2 points, also Bilguun and Nyamhuu are zero. We all hope today they can well done too and change their places as well as they want...
Today is final day of both Mongolian Olympiads of Informatic and Mathematic. After the first day result of Informatic Olympiad our participators L.Munkh-Ochir scored 10 points and B.Natsagdorj has zero point.
All in all congratulations and good luck to all our friends.


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