New Keane song?

Beautiful song, isn't it? Maybe for next album...

My favorite from NIGHT TRAIN!! Amazing performance at ITUNES FESTIVAL IN LONDON!

Sixty-five years after the United States dropped "Little Boy" on Hiroshima, effectively ending World War II and ushering in an era of nuclear dread, the United States sent its first delegation to the annual ceremony to remember the over 100,000 Japanese who lost their lives in the bombing.

I've written numerous times over the past year about how country is the powerhouse of the music world these days. In an industry that's facing no shortage of challenges, country music continues to stand out and chug along.

Sure, Nashville's seen its own share of dips and valleys, but for the most part, it's continuing to churn out tunes, packed venues, and Taylor Swift-sized personalities with daunting regularity in the face of a recession.

And here's yet another piece of information to support country's strength. According to Nielsen BDS--the service which tracks and reports all airplay of songs on radio, TV, and Internet--a country musician had the most airplay of any artist, in any genre, in the past decade.

Which musician are we talking about? Well, there are certainly plenty of country entertainers with mega-amounts of airplay under their Stetsons, so this might be a tough one to guess. However, in this case--the winner is Tim McGraw. The singer, actor, and husband to Faith Hill's airplay numbers are truly staggering: He racked up a mind-boggling 7,965,000 radio spins over the period spanning January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2009. This ranks him ahead of such chart toppers as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Britney Spears.

Nielsen presented McGraw with a commemorative plaque to mark the feat, with company president Eric Weinberg commenting, "[McGraw's] career and songs have resonated not only with his fans, but has become part of the fabric of America, evidenced by his unprecedented airplay.” Not a bad way to put it, eh?

Aside from this latest accolade, McGraw has plenty to boast about regarding his work in the entertainment field. Since he debuted in the early '90s, he's sold more than 40 million albums; scored 30 number-one hits; and has three Grammys, 14 Academy of Country Music Awards, 11 Country Music Association Awards, and 10 American Music Awards to his name.

Additionally, he's nailed down a solid screen career--his latest project is the upcoming Country Strong, costarring Gwyneth Paltrow, which will be released in December.

Congratulations, Tim! Thanks for doing country music proud.

Were you surprised to hear that Tim McGraw was the most-played artist of the decade--out of all musical genres? Be sure to give me your thoughts!
Uundaa's comment:
First, I thought how about me. For me of course its KEANE. Sometimes I just wanted to listen Keane stuff. When I was sad or frustrated, disappointed or etc, Keane has always with me. Oh, Somewhere Only We Know, On A Day like Today, Bedshaped. All the songs that Keane composed is great gift for me, even its unreleased or b side song. Second, I think it will be Coldplay. Most played songs are The Scientist, Gravity or Warning Sign. Also Politik, Trouble, Viva La Vida are among the top list. In third place, it's Radiohead. Then Muse, Travis and Radio Dept. I like to listen many interesting bands and songs because they give me realize and sorrow, they feel me sadness and freedom. I'm happy when i listen songs. I feel like flying when i listen keane and feel all alone in the countryside with tall grosses under the blue sky and calm wind. Maybe with my love, it will be really beautiful to hear with my love. I miss her when i listen some songs, i miss her, i really miss her. i need her, i want is my life.......

What a great presentation!!!!!

1. "Dinner for Schmucks" ($8.4 million)
2. "Inception" ($8.2 million)
3. "Salt" ($5.9 million)
4. "Charlie St. Cloud" ($5.6 million)
5. "Despicable Me" ($4.7 million)

.Pulling off inception is no easy task — just ask Leonardo DiCaprio's Dom Cobb, one of few extractors capable of planting ideas rather than simply taking them — so it comes as a bit of a surprise that "Inception" was just bested by a bunch of "Schmucks."

In its first day in theaters, Paul Rudd and Steve Carell's "Dinner for Schmucks" won the box office's coveted first place spot with an estimated $8.4 million Friday. A remake of the 1998 French film "Le Dîner de Cons," Jay Roach's "Schmucks" is well on track for a solid opening weekend. But "Inception" hasn't fallen out of competition, not by a long shot. Christopher Nolan's surreal caper thriller earned $8.2 million on Friday, allowing the reigning champion plenty of room to finish on top of the box office once again by the weekend's conclusion.

Newcomers "Charlie St. Cloud" and "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" debuted with less success than "Schmucks," landing in fourth place with $5.6 million and sixth place with $4.3 million respectively. With family audiences more likely to flock to theaters on Saturday and Sunday, "Cats & Dogs" could still get a boost into the top five by Sunday night.

The remainder of Friday's top five performers were Angelina Jolie's "Salt" with a $5.9 million third place finish and "Despicable Me" with a $4.7 million fifth place finish.
Source: MTV
Uundaa's comment:
I'm a big fan of movies. Sometimes i feel like i'm a movieaholic :D. Then I always want to watch all the latest trailers and movies. Inception is on the first place in my wishlist, And I'm still waiting it in cinemas patiently. I have to watch Despicable Me in 3D in Tengis Cinema with my TV ZONE card :D. But I didn't heard anything about "Schmusks". I'm going to watch trailer right now and later I will post my preview review or something like that.

Guardian is the best news portal site in UK, i think. If you have to know latest celebrity news or latest EPL transfer rumour or some interesting reviews from many great experts, i will recommend you to go to Also they have really good weekly podcasts in many subjects such as entertainment and sports, especially for football. Here is my first post from Guardian: news about Chelsea Clinton's wedding ceremony.

Watched by her parents and VIPs from US politics and showbusiness, Chelsea Clinton married her long-term boyfriend, Marc Mezvinsky, after weeks of secrecy surrounding the build-up to the wedding in Rhinebeck, a village in New York State.

Crowds of local people and a large media pack desperate for a sight of the bride began forming from early morning in the hope of catching a glimpse of the couple at the exclusive estate on the Hudson River.

Former US president Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, the current secretary of state, emerged late on Friday night to greet the crowds as they arrived for a party. The reporters' hunt for celebrities yielded another result when acting couple Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen were spotted walking hand-in-hand through the village.

"I knew her since she was a baby so this is a big moment," said Steenburgen. "She's a lovely, lovely girl."

Up to 500 guests gathered for the ceremony, the details of which have been shrouded in secrecy, with shopkeepers, innkeepers, vendors and restaurateurs sworn to silence. Roads were blocked off, the skies were closed over the estate and inconvenienced neighbours were bought off with a complimentary bottle of wine.

The wedding took place at Astor Courts, a secluded estate built as a Beaux Arts-style playground for John Jacob Astor IV more than a century ago. The estate features the sort of commanding view that once inspired painters, as well as 50 acres of grounds to shield the party from prying eyes.

Speculation had reached fever pitch about the make-up of the guest list but Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and John Major were said not to be coming after all. Those who were spotted included former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright and film producer Steve Bing, while there were also rumoured sightings of investor Warren Buffett and bastketball player Kobe Bryant.

Bill Clinton made an appearance alone on Friday, greeting people and answering their questions. Looking fit and relaxed in blue jeans and a black shirt, Clinton appeared to have made a good attempt at shedding the 15 pounds his daughter had requested before walking her up the aisle and passed on dessert during lunch at a local restaurant.

It was a less well-known Clinton, Bill's cousin Marie Clinton Bruno, who finally spoke to the media when she was spotted strolled past shops with her husband, Gio, on her way to get dressed for the wedding. She said she couldn't believe that the girl who was a 10-year-old bridesmaid at her own wedding was now getting married.

"She was just a wonderful bridesmaid," said Bruno. "She's just as wonderful today as she was back then."

Onlookers who spotted other guests said the majority appeared to be in their late 20s or 30s, reflecting the ages of the happy couple, who were friends as teenagers in Washington before they both went on to attend Stanford University.

They now live in New York, where Mezvinsky works at G3 Capital, a Manhattan hedge fund. Clinton completed her master's degree in public health earlier this year at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University.

Mezvinsky is a son of former US Democratic politicians Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky of Pennsylvania and Ed Mezvinsky of Iowa, long-time friends of the Clintons. His parents are divorced.
Source: Guardian
Uundaa's comment:
Honestly, I don't think Chelsea is beautiful women in my opinion. But she was gorgeous in her wedding ceremony. Maybe all the womens who wear wedding white gowns look more beatiful.
Many years ago, my classmate Orgil was reading Bill Clinton's autobiography. /i don't remember the name, anyway/ Then I wanted to see the context and read forewords. It wrote "For Chelsea, For Hillary, For My Family". So I stared What is Chelsea, is it a club of EPL? Bill is a fan of London Club. I never thought about this. Some years later, when Hillary Clinton candidated the US President from Democracy party, I read his biography from my friend Wikipedia. Then i understand Chelsea is her girl. :D. Clinton completed her master's degree in public health earlier this year at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University. And Mezvinsky is young Jewish bank invester who has got a great future in his career, and it also improve since he is in one of the most influenced family in US Clinton, I think.
P.S: I don't like any gossips about someone's marriage or divorce, especially lady like Chelsea. But It was the top story of both Yahoo and Google. Also trending topic №1 in Twitter. So I want to post it in this blog.


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