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Wenger: New squad rules 'disastrous' for football
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes the new restrictions on Premier League squads will prove a "disastrous decision for football and for the players''.
From this season, all Premier League sides have to name a first-team squad of no more than 25, of which eight must be so-called 'home-grown' players.

These new regulations will, however, not severely impact the Gunners, who despite having a large number of non-British players have the likes of captain Cesc Fabregas, Denilson, Gael Clichy, Nicklas Bendtner, and Alex Song all coming under the 'home-grown' category along with Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey and Kieran Gibbs. Players must have spent three years between the ages of 16-21 registered at a club in England and Wales to qualify. Wenger, though, is not in favour of any such limitations.

"I am not a big fan of it because it puts, first of all, many players without clubs,'' he said. "Secondly it puts the clubs in a weak position most of the time in the transfer market because when you already have 25 players and you buy another one, you know you have 26 and now have to get rid of one. So when you buy a player, you have to integrate into the transfer how much it will also cost to get rid of a player because you are not sure if you will be capable after of selling the player.

"This is a disastrous decision for football and for the players. I was quite amazed that the union [PFA] accepted that. For the clubs as well it is a very bad decision.''

Wenger rejected the suggestion the new rules would prevent the "stockpiling'' of players by certain teams: "The big clubs will always have 25 top players and you will not stop that by this kind of decision. When the big clubs have already employed a player and he has to go to a smaller club, there are only two solutions. The smaller club has to pay above their own potential or the big club pays an amount of a salary. In either case it's not satisfactory.''

Wenger maintains Arsenal cannot use lack of big-money signings as an "excuse'' should the Gunners fail to land the Premier League title next season. Arsenal, whose challenge faded as they finished third in May, have once again seen their rivals heavily invest during the summer - with Manchester City again bankrolling an incredible spree to the best part of £100 million as they look to blow the title race wide open.

Conversely, Wenger has brought in Morocco striker Marouane Chamakh, a free transfer after his contract with Bordeaux expired and unproven French centre-back Laurent Koscielny, in a reported £10 million deal from Lorient. Wenger, however, insists his young squad have the talent to mount a sustained assault on what could be a first championship since the unbeaten campaign of 2003/2004.

"I am concerned about the focus of my team and the quality of my team, and we will try and do as well as well we can,'' said Wenger, whose side host AC Milan on Saturday and then play Scottish giants Celtic in the Emirates Cup on Sunday. "No matter what happens this season, the money will not be an excuse if we do not achieve our targets. We know the world we live in.

"Do I think we have a team to play at the top? Looking at the players we have, I say yes. It does not go into financial consideration. I judge whether they are good enough in the championship. Have the other clubs more money or less money? It is not important. It is whether the players are better players or lesser players and I think we can compete with the players we have.''

Wenger, though, feels the forthcoming campaign is set to be an "open'' contest.

"I feel there will be more teams fighting for the title,'' he said. "It makes it more interesting and open as well - we have seen the start of that last season as well, all of the top teams lost points against the second part of the Premier League. That trend could even become stronger this year. There are the three who dominated last year, then you have Spurs, Liverpool, Manchester City, Aston Villa - and you also have one team who is a surprise at the start of the season.''
Uundaa's review
Yep I agree with my one of favorite managers around the football business. I think it's not a good idea to limit the players that Premier Leagues have. Football is risky sport, you can injured, you can break your leg or even you can arrest police in case of overnight party :D. So it means you need to have reservation team and many substitutes as possible as you can. Also, Premier League is the most difficult league in the European League. Because, Teams will play 38 regular league games even without winter holiday or phase. Also there are no outsiders, even Bristol City or Hull city can upset over Chelsea or Manutd. /in this situation Serie A or La lige is very different. Levante or Numancia are always the team that fighting not to relegate/ Also they have 2 cup tournament, Carling Cup and FA Cup. Oldest and biggest football cup event, FA CUP is the one of main factor that why i called it so difficult. Professional teams in other leagues play averagely 50 games in one season, but Premier League teams have to play 60 games in one season. But how many players can play full season without any injuries? I think it's no more than 5 in one team. Also right now, according to Wenger's interview, "big clubs" already have 25 players and if they need to bring new player, they have to get rid of one player from their current squad. So it means if you are a manager of EPL and want to bring someone and strenghten your team, before make a transfer, you choose one who don't need and have to find other team to buy him. It means, I think DISASTER. I didn't mention any other new regulations such as home grown players or non-european union player. I will write new article in Mongolian for, Mongolian first fantasy sport website, and expand my explanation why new rule is not a good idea. Oooki, its my first post for new formation, see you soon :D

Hello, fellows. It's been very long time from the last post had posted. Maybe we should post new articles everyday or every week since we understand English is the best weapon in the new century. From now on, I will post the articles that i read and like from other information websites, such as my favorite Yahoo!, CNN or Economics. And at the end of the each article, I'm planning to write my review in few sentences. Firstly, it will only 2 or 3 sentences, but i hope i can improve my English and believe that i can write my reviews as good as my Mongolian. :) I will try to post all kind of articles about entertainment, politics, mysteries /:D/, or economics. Its no matter that who to read or comment. It will help us to step together with the other world. Okeeey. it's time to start, Hope you will like this blog!


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